Registration for electronic mailing of AGM documents

Dear shareholder(s),

Please help save paper, raw materials and other valuable environmental resources by registering for the eco-friendly electronic mailing of AGM documents. To do so, please enter your personal data below (all registered shareholders) as stated on the invitation letter in the requested fields and give your declaration of consent.

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Please use the following e-mail address for AGM documents including the agenda from now on:
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I/We would like to receive my/our AGM documents of Hannover Rück SE at my/our e-mail address provided above until such time as this consent is withdrawn. I/we have taken note of the terms of use for e-mail dispatch and agree to them. I/We agree that my/our e-mail address will be filed in the share register and that I/we will receive the AGM documents exclusively by e-mail in future. The registration is valid for my/our above mentioned shareholder number. Should my/our e-mail address change, I/we will inform Hannover Rück SE immediately.

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